Banking & Financial Services

‘Britain’s Banking Future’

The banking and financial services sector is always open to fluctuation and change, and the impact of Brexit has certainly been felt across many areas. There are also other threats to face and, the financial services sector in 2016 was cyber attacked 65% more than any other; this resulted in over 200 million records being breached. It highlights a change in focus for cybercriminals, who were previously focused more upon healthcare and retail.


Banking and financial services companies also have to stay abreast of changes in technology, with FinTech a huge part of the sectors future, and how new technology is changing and improving the sector, and helping companies, both retail and wholesale, investment and funds, provide better services to customers. Overall, Britain’s financial services are estimated to be worth £176 billion to the UK economy, and the sector provides much needed financial security helping to underpin the UK economy.

‘Britain’s Banking Future’ will be released in 2019. If your organisation would like to contribute or feature in the programme, please contact Alan Mason by email at