‘Models of Care & Improving Patient Journeys’


The health and social care sector has regularly been in the news as a result of many debates surrounding the NHS, and the need for more investment and people in social care. Britain currently spends 9.9% of its GDP on healthcare but leading bodies and associations are warning that Britain needs to start investing billions more (the government needs to up their spending by £20 billion per year just to reach the G7 average) into the NHS each year, and support new innovation and models of care.


Developments in technology are at the heart of health and social care reform, giving patients more freedom and control, and there are significant opportunities available to partner with organisations outside the NHS.


Early intervention and prevention; how we can address more health and social care issues in primary care settings and the community; and work towards better integration of services to improve work flows, share ideas, save money and deliver the best outcomes, and help patients live better for longer, are some of the key issues facing the sector.

‘Models of Care & Improving Patient Journeys’ will be released in 2019. If your organisation would like to contribute or feature in the programme, please contact Alan Mason by email at