Information Technology

‘The Next Big Innovations: Threats & Opportunities’

Cyber security continues to play a key role in the information technology sector, and is also seeing a rapid growth as a result. It is becoming an increasingly prominent issue as many companies are developing complex and innovative products and services that can be at risk of being hacked.


There have also been many high-profile cyber-attacks on corporations and people. Highly skilled software security professionals are in very high demand, with a government survey identifying that 46% of respondents had identified an attack themselves.


The growth of social media and connectivity, mobile devices and technology, have all helped to strengthen the information technology sector, and it is important for the country that it stays at the forefront of the sector. With uncertain times ahead, many recognise the value that the companies and people in this sector bring in protecting the UK’s public and private sector information systems.

‘The Next Big Innovations: Threats & Opportunities’ will be released in 2019. If your organisation would like to contribute or feature in the programme, please contact Alan Mason by email at