What We Do

Telling the story…


In Focus strengthens the voices of trade bodies, associations, government and commercial partners in their respective sectors, shining a spotlight on the important work taking place in critical UK industries. Respected voices and behind the scenes partnerships receive the recognition they deserve, and by using engaging storytelling, they resonate with industry specific viewers and audiences.


We get to the heart of the issues in all of the sectors we work with – each programme is designed to energise the imagination of our audiences, using every episode and chapter as a platform to showcase excellence and new ideas, share with others what’s next, and how we protect and develop these economy driving, job creating industries and life saving sectors.

Sharing the story…


Each programme is premiered at a major industry event and shown at a series of influential industry conferences. This ensures the attention of the people and bodies developing, shaping and leading each sector will see and share programme.


Every episode will be widely disseminated throughout each industry sector; shared across social media, relevant government departments, public and private sectors, associations and industry stakeholders. In Focus also works closely with a network of industry blogs, vlogs and a range of leading publications, websites and newswires, to achieve the maximum visibility of each programme and stimulate thought and conversation around the key themes.