‘Manufacturing Economies’

Manufacturing has always played a key role in the prosperity of the UK, and car manufacturing in particular has significantly helped this in recent years. In March 2017, British car manufacturers built 170,691 vehicles, which was an increase of 7.3% from the year before. It was the highest level of automobile production for the country in 17 years.


With Brexit, there has been insecurity over whether some of the biggest manufacturers will continue working in the country or if they will seek to move their business abroad. The industry is still strong in terms of offering jobs. From January to December 2016, there was a 45.5% increase in job applications for manufacturing, which is the largest growth of all sectors.


Britain continues to work hard and to build relationships that will help to boost manufacturing trade moving forwards, and to help push the UK up to the forefront of manufacturing and new trade deals.

‘Manufacturing Economies’ will be released in 2019. If your organisation would like to contribute or feature in the programme, please contact Alan Mason by email at