Retail & Supply Chain

‘Delivering Tomorrow, Today’

The retail sector has been volatile in recent years, with the financial crash having a huge influence on people’s spending, it saw many high-street stores close down. But where there is demand, there is supply too, especially online.


The supply chain continues to play a hugely important role in keeping the retail sector connected and moving, especially now there is such growth in online shopping. Next-day deliveries are also seeing a boost in usage of courier companies. In March 2017, it was found that UK shoppers had spent £1 billion in a week – this was up by 19.5% on the same month the year before. Overall retail sales were also up, with a year-on-year growth in March 2016 by 1.7%.

‘Delivering Tomorrow, Today’ will be released in 2019. If your organisation would like to contribute or feature in the programme, please contact Alan Mason by email at